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Large Commercial Operations

Over 50 Million Dollar

We have been mentored and trained by absolutely the finest and the best in the business. We have challenged and taught senior advisers and consultants in our time as our approach is simple, cut to the point and provide solutions that are needed and ones that make sense. Contact us today

Medium Si​ze Operations

10-50 Million Dollars

We support many small to medium size business in their operations and manage their financial affair. We work as an external financial controllers to your business and direct you in the right direction. We are not your typical bookkeeper or you tax agent as we have worked in the corporate world and we understand a lot of the issues that you go through. Contact us today and speak to someone who can really help you.

Small Operations

< 10 Million Dollars

Whether you are a Tradie, lawyer or have a full on business with stock and staff and other resources, pick the name of the game that you are in and be assured that we have something to offer your or something to complement your current business. We will work with you to achieve your business and financial goals . We can be your external financial controller or simply just provide you with some key services that will help you to take some of the pressure away. Remember we have our own business just like you and we have had couple of other businesses in the past so we know we can help. Contact us today or let us meet for coffee ..Our shout!

Primary Producers & Farmers

We love our farmers and we respect what they do for all of us. We have experience with sheep and dairy farmers and alike in the past. We will be glad to do business with you at any time. We can take a lot of the pressure away by contracting us to do some of your financial obligations externally i.e. payroll, books and BAS and more. Contact us today

Not For Profit & Government Agencies

We want to help the world to be a better place . We have heaps to offer and to teach here. We have seen the worst NFPs and we have seen the best NFPs around . Not every NFP is doing its job right and not every NFP is spending its tax payers or donated money efficiently. We can be contracted as an external financial controller or just simply support you and your business in matters like procedure, processors, accounting treatment, internal audit committees and so on.

Remember we have worked in the NFP sector before and we are still active members who regularly have some contribution towards and within the sector. Not every accountant, book keeper or public practitioner will know the NFP game even if they pretend to be. There are some really creative cookies (in a negative way) out there so spend your money wisely and contact us today 

Our Niche Market :

Medical Practices and Health Alliances 

(General Practitioners, Dental Practitioners, Chiropractors, Psychologists, Physicians, Optometrists). 

We speak your language and we understand how you operate .

We have plenty of experience dealing and working with doctors and with medical clinics. We have so much respect for what you do in this life so thank you. 

Bendigo Accounting & Finance firmly believe that doctors, dentist, physician, psychologist and alike should be only focusing on fine doctoring and doing their job right and nothing else. It is vital for them to understand how to run a successful business but also to have control over it but it is way more important to know how to do your core job and that's why we can help you here. We can administrate your financial needs internally or externally for a very reasonable price, we can work as an external financial controller or just a consultant once a year. We can help you with your software, procedure, payroll, understanding certain financial facts, paperwork and record keeping and and and. We want you to have full control of your finance and money.

We are a firm that supports both international and local medical practices and doctors (OTD & ATD)

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